Launched By:- His Excellency the Prime Minister, Dasho Tshering Tobgay on the 7th Day of June 2017

Bhutan Tenancy Services Home

As the custodian of the Tenancy Act and by-laws and responsible for its implementation thereof, the Ministry of Works and Human Settlement is in the process of enabling citizens—as tenants/lessee and as homeowners/landlords—to avail and deliver the best of tenancy services, so as to contribute towards improving the quality of life, maintaining of domestic tranquility and peace, and to ensure economic growth and prosperity for posterity.

Tenancy and its related issues are on the rise with more and more people renting apartments to live in and leasing lands to work on, while the required tenancy services cannot be easily availed of or are less known by the tenants/lessee or the homeowners/landlords. Such situation hampers the proper enforcement of the provisions of tenancy laws. Therefore, to enable effective implementation of the provisions of laws and by-laws on tenancy, the Ministry of Works and Human Settlement has made this attempt to leverage on information technology to provide tenancy related services and information.

In keeping with the spirit and the letters of the Tenancy Act, the Ministry of Works and Human Settlement has developed an online web-based system which is dubbed as the Tenancy Services System (TSS) to resolve tenancy related complaints and disputes. Besides enabling amicable resolving of tenancy complaints and disputes, the TSS will enable citizens to avail of tenancy advocacy and advisory services; enable the tenancy authority to monitor the implementing agencies on the implementation of the provisions of tenancy laws and by-laws; and the undertaking of tenancy agreements online—at the least.

It is expected that with the launch of this system, citizens will be able to file or lodge tenancy related complaints to be resolved by the implementing authorities, and avail timely and adequate tenancy related services and information. Even both the tenancy authority and the implementing agencies will derive benefits from this system with regard to easy, faster and efficient monitoring and reporting. All in all, the TSS will facilitate the easing up of the rise of tenancy and related issues.